Please Stop Doing This

Betty BOOP are you serious

Sorry, sorry, this is going to be brief because I did not manage my time well this week because my decision to finally do the work of living is paying off, uh, rather well, and I may need to shift these newsletters so they drop on, like, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings and leave me with the ability to enjoy my weekends a bit more, now that I actually want to enjoy them.

But so anyway this week was September 11th and while I feel like some Brands on Twitter have learned that it’s okay to shut the fuck up, but the copyright holders for Betty Boop have not only not learned that, they decided they wanted to do the exact same shitty thing they did last year because all #engagement is good #engagement that reminds people other than my mom (big fan) that Betty Boop exists.


To atone for shoving that into your eyes I will direct you to Colson Whitehead’s stunner of an essay about New York published two months after 9/11/01.

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